What are Plant Trailers and What are They Used for?


What are plant trailers? Are they promotional videos of new and exotic plant life? Are they mobile homes for gardeners? If you’re not quite sure, then we’re going to explore precisely what they are and what they’re used for in this article. That way, you can decide as to whether or not that might be useful to you!

First of all, a plant trailer has nothing to do with plants! Well, not as a primary function at least. You could indeed use a plant trailer for transporting garden supplies. For example, if you’re interested in starting a landscaping business and you need something to take your lawnmower from A to B, then a van, with a plant trailer would be the perfect choice of transportation. The van for your equipment, and the plant trailer for heavy machinery—which by the way is precisely what plant trailers are used for, transporting machinery and heavy equipment.

It’s important to remember that plant trailers come in all shapes and sizes, so the type that you will need will largely depend on the size of the goods that you’re looking to transport. For example, if you need a trailer for towing away vehicles for scrap, then you’re going to need a large “flatbed” trailer. If, however, you only need to shift your lawn mower from job to job, then a smaller trailer will be required.

What are they made out of?

High quality aluminium plant trailers are the most common at the moment. This is because aluminium is one of the best materials for the job. It’s lightweight, whilst being incredibly durable. That, and aluminium is easy to recycle. So, after a long and useful life with very little need for repairs, the plant trainers can easily be disposed of, with the materials being re-used.

How can I get my hands on one?

There are many ways that you can go about getting your hands on a plant trailer. You could always go down the used route, however, since aluminium is incredibly cheap to manufacture, you just as well get yourself a brand-new one instead. That way you can guarantee the quality is going to be on point. All you need is to find a reputable supplier such as SureWeld, and then you can grab yours ASAP.


As we have established, plant trailers, are towable trailers that can be used to transport all manner of goods and machinery. The type and size of the plant trailer depends on the size of the load. The more common material used today is aluminium, however steel trailers are still used frequently. If you want to grab one for a side project or a new business, you can find used, however we would recommend buying new as mentioned above. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a brand new, aluminium plant trailer. You’ll be able to move your heavy machinery without issue. Couple with that with a few detachable loading ramps, and you can load and unload without issue as well. You can generally buy the ramps from the plant trailer supplier, so that you can handle it all in one transaction.


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