Top tips for managing a large construction project


Whether your firm takes large construction contracts from solely the private sector or you also serve your local authority, it’s important that any assignment that you accept is properly planned and coordinated due to the scale and obvious importance of the job at hand. This can be a particularly difficult task for many building firms in terms of matching the client’s expectations of quality across such a large endeavor whilst at the same time remaining within the limits of the budget for the project. It’s important to remember to establish a firm and realistic time frame with the client before any work begins and have a solid idea of what the client wants from the project and their main priorities moving forward.

All in all though the execution and organization of every aspect of the project will fall onto your company and it’s important that you consider whether or not you actually have the experience and depth of knowledge necessary for larger construction project. Many less established and smaller companies have occasionally been known to bite off more than they can chew in this respect and take on jobs that they cannot realistically complete either to the desired quality or in the necessary timeframe, and one negatively reviewed commercial job can really hamper your existing reputation for this service, so let’s take a look at some of the ways you can prepare for this kind of job.



When you are going about planning exactly what needs to be done in what particular area its important to realize that on a lot of projects of this size, there is no way to effectively micro manage your individual teams of tradies and laborers and that you have a solid team of people you can entrust to not just to oversee the work ongoing but also to motivate and keep the teams in good spirits, after all on-site it doesn’t take much to affect productivity by acting too sternly or making the job even more laborious by lumping unrealistic and backbreaking amounts of work onto your laborers. So make sure that the people who are directly managing these teams are experienced in both the job in hand and at leading and motivating teams of workers like this.

Sometimes you just won’t find people like that for specific jobs like tiling or plastering and you many have to look to a local recruitment specialist to find a project manager or additional staff who have experience in site management to help your existing staff handle your valued personnel appropriately to make the job go faster and smoother.


If your company plans on taking more work of this scale on or move more into the commercial side of the industry then it could really be a benefit for your company to investing in the new generation of construction management software that is being offered which is specifically designed to make the process of planning, estimating and quoting the work at hand in a very precise and professional way. This is perfect for the commercial market as due to the large amount money involved in commercial and large scale constructions, many businesses will want the company that they choose to display their expertise and professionalism to them throughout the sales and construction process.

These kinds of software do that perfectly as they are able to give projections and forecasts of the work required for their needs and to effectively estimate for the materials that will be used. This helps to give an impression that your company is tech savvy and organized but also that you are transparent in your planning and estimation process, which is a great relief to a lot of companies and can really make a difference when management are reviewing the quotes.



When buying large amounts of different materials from suppliers, you should really be getting price breaks after a certain pointy, after all you are supplying them with the same business as 6 or 7 regular customers and the likelihood is that you builders merchant will realize the value in the large scale of the project and give you some kind of deal in order to coax you back should you need anything.

This also works the other way however, don’t beat them down too much on price otherwise you will risk damaging what could’ve been a good way of saving your clients some money in the materials.

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