Tips and Guidance for Writing a Real Estate Resume 

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You might think that all real estate agents work for themselves, as in they are self employed, not selfish.  Whilst this is generally true, there are definitely times when a resume is going to be required.  If an agent wishes to join up with a firm then they are going to have to sell themselves and this is almost certainly going to include them submitting a resume for consideration.  The other big reason for them to have a professional real estate resume on hand is when they are trying to work with a broker.  Now finding a broker who is prepared to work with you is not the real problem here, finding a highly successful and desirable broker is.  Brokers in this position can afford to be picky about who they work with and will often want an application to work with them submitted officially, including a resume.

If this is a position you currently find yourself in, then you have three courses of action open to you.  You can try and write a professional looking resume yourself, you could try to use some of your wider contacts to put in recommendations for you with the relevant parties, or you could use a professional resume writing service such as Bluegum Resumes to give you a real edge.  If you decide to go it alone, then here are a few tips for writing a striking real estate resume.

construction skillsLet them know how motivated you are

Make it clear that you are going to be an excellent choice for them by explaining how you have got yourself to this point.  Lean on past successes, either in this industry or any you have previously worked in, and use these examples to show that you don’t rest on your laurels and are going to hit the ground running.  This kind of “go get ‘em” attitude is very attractive in real estate agents because, as I’m sure you are aware, the market is very cutthroat.

Emphasise your speciality

There are very few real estate agents that have equal experience and success across the board when it comes to property types, so it is not worth pretending you are one of them unless you have a lot of evidence to back up your claim.  Instead, worry about giving them a detailed insight into your speciality and make it clear why you choose to specialise in this area and what makes you successful.


Don’t get hung up on locations

It can be tempting to list a lot of different locations to try and emphasise diversity in your experience, in reality a little mention of this is fine, but what you have achieved in these varied places is far more relevant than where you achieved it.  Once again, focus on your successes and strengths, but don’t pay more than a brief mention to excessive amounts of geography – you can always learn a new area, the skills of working that area are far harder to teach and much more desirable as a result.

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