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Are you looking at having your current office refurbished? Or perhaps you’re having a fresh office fitted out for a new venture of yours? Whatever the case, you must have a read through these office interior fitout ideas for some inspiration. Productivity is an important thing to consider so optimising your space accordingly will go a long way!

1 – Do not underestimate the power of lighting

We really cannot stress this quite enough: having sufficient lighting in your office is the key to productivity. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting enough natural light as possible. In addition to that however, we’d recommend having some LED lights fitted throughout, to keep the place well-lit all-year round. If you skimp on lighting, we can almost guarantee that your workers will not be working to their full potential!

office 2 – Desk optimisation

A great way of optimising your office, is by creating several pods of desks facing on another in a 4-way diamond. You can have these separated slightly with dividers for a little privacy, however it’s good having an open plan office where your workers can vibe off one-another throughout the day.

With regards to ergonomics, you must ensure that their computer screens are roughly 30 inches away from their eyes, located in-line-with or below eye level. In addition to that, feet should either be resting on the floor, or on a footrest. Finally, investing in ergonomic chairs with a slight recline will be the most effective at reducing lower-back pain.

3 – Clutter-free

Pay close attention to the amount of store solutions available in your new office fitout. Every desk area should have plenty of individual storage and you should supply everyone with a bin. Creating an open-plan office which is free of clutter is one of the best things that you can do to keep productivity and morale high. Also, be sure to have the office cleaned regularly and make it your employees’ responsibility to clean up after themselves.

4 – Bright colours & artwork

Another important aspect of office interior fitouts is the paintjob. Opt for bright colours when it comes to the paintjob. In addition to that, we’d highly recommend investing in beautiful artwork for the office as well. Contrary to popular belief, art isn’t distracting. In fact, studies show that it can indeed boost productivity and creativity.

office work5 – A splash of green

Make sure you have plenty of shelf space and window-sill space for office plants. Having plenty of green in there is a great way of oxygenating the place and promoting a generally positive vibe amongst your employees. Plus, everyone can name them and bond over their favourite plants! It can be fun.

Who to choose?

How do you find the right company to fitout the interior of your office? It can be difficult when there’s simply so much choice. Our advice would be to do plenty of research and make sure that you end up with a reputable company like Alpha Ceilings and Partitions. Provided that you follow up references and look at prior projects, you should have too many issues finding the most suitable company for you.

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