How to Take Care of Your Car Like A Professional

How to Take Care of Your Car Like Professional

We can tell the owner by just only looking at his or her car! Having a dusty car or dingy painting means that you may be untidy. Fine finish looking and a sparkling car makes you look more like a perfectionist. But keeping your car to look perfectly finished takes an effort and investment. But to get your baby cleaned and shiny, here are some simple steps you can follow to polish your car like professional.

1. Wash Your Car by HandWash-Your-Car-by-Hand

First, clean your car regularly by hand. Rinse your car with water to clean debris and dirt. Mix soap with water and using a sponge to clean stubborn dirt.

Hand washing always the best when comes to the car because you can inspect every inch of your baby. It is easier for you to detect any small defect in your car.


2. Waxing to Get Shiny Finished

Waxing to Get Shiny FinishedDry your car after hand washing. Damaged paint or scratched paint should be fixed before waxing. Use polish compound with a microfiber cloth to reduce damaged areas. Or get paint protection for your car by professional car polisher to prevent future damage.

Prepare waxing items. Car wax works perfectly at 18℃-30℃. It dries faster in hot weather, which is harder for you to buffer the wax. While in cold weather, the wax will be difficult to remove once it is applied. As waxing involves with temperature, make sure you wax the car in your garage and warm the product at the proper temperature to get the perfect finish.

To get the best result, apply the product in circular motion. Start with a small area and do it section to section to prevent overlap. In case you have a buffer machine, use low speed to buffer scratched areas. You can either apply the wax on buffering pad or on the car surface. Wait until it set.


3. Interior Cleaning

After having a shiny car, it’s time to clean inside, the car seats, mats, and console needs attention. If you own a fabric seat car, you need a special care. Fabric seat can smell and get dirty easier than a leather seat. Especially if you have kids, you usually eat in your car or you smoke. Fabric seats are difficult to clean.

You can start with vacuum your seat then use a dry brush to clean leftover dust. Mix light cleaning product with water. Dip the same brush in and use it to clean with a circular motion to remove stains. It’s important to not make the seat too wet because it’s hard to dry and leave a spot. Dab dry towel all over the area until the seat is cleaned and dried. Lower the windows to let the air pass through. Use a dryer to make sure the seat is completely dried and vacuum once again to finish up.

For a leather seat, just use a half-dry towel to clean or use cleaning product to remove stains. Simply finish with a leather spray paint to give a shiny finish.

Next, vacuum floor area then remove mats to clean. Either rubber mats or fabric mats are easily removed to wash with washing product. Let it dry and put it back.


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