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Signs You Need Tree Removal Services


To the untrained eye, knowing when it is time to have a tree removed from your property can be difficult. As beautiful as they are even when they’re old, it’s not always easy to spot which trees are dead and dying or in danger of falling over in the wind. Some have tell-tale signs that give them away, whereas others can catch you completely unawares.

In this article we’re going to look at signs you need to hire a tree removal specialist ASAP to render your property safe once more.

1 – No life

Are the trees (or tree) on your property blooming? Are there any signs of decay? If you are convinced that the tree in your property is dead, then you should call for a professional immediately. Not only will they be able to advise you as to whether or not the tree can be saved, but they will be able to safely remove and dispose of it if in the event that it is too far gone.

2 – Excessive damage

Trees are hardy beings that can endure some of the harshest conditions. However, sometimes, the damage can be just a little too great for them to handle. If your tree has gone through a particularly rough time and looks damaged beyond repair, then you may wish to call for some assistance. Most trees can be rescued; however, some damage will simply be too great to allow a full recovery. Before making any rash decisions, call your local arborist for a professional opinion.

3 – Leading a little too much

There are many trees that naturally lean, and this aesthetic can be very beautiful under the right circumstances. However, some trees may be leaning dangerously close to your home due to poor health or excessive damage. If your tree has been severely affected by extreme weather conditions, then it could be a terrible health hazard. Do not hesitate, because it would seem that you need tree removal services.

4 – They’re sickly

The difficulty is that many trees can be sick without showing any evident signs of degeneration. This is why it is so important that you have your trees regularly checked by a professional arborist in order to catch these issues early, so that they can be saved, rather than removed altogether.

5 – Large longitudinal cracks

The presences of cracks in a tree (especially between two opposite branches) can be a dangerous threat. This can be even more dangerous when heavy wind picks up or a storm passes overhead. Most trees can withstand a great amount of damage, but large cracks tend to point towards the necessity for removal.

Don’t leave anything down to chance and call your local tree specialist today. With luck, you won’t need to have your tree removed, but it’s always worth knowing for sure to avoid any tragic accidents occurring unnecessarily.

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