Programs you should learn for working in the office


The advent and major advancements made in computing technology in the workplace in the past 30 years has been a rapidly developing and wide sweeping movements that has affected the way that hundreds of thousands of companies globally in practically every industry has had to change not only the way that they deal with other companies and entities as they upgrade their own internal systems but also how they go about their own practices. As time moves forward it’s important that you keep up to date with the different kinds of programs and become familiar with how to use the more essential ones. Indeed one of the main challenges that faced this process of automation in the workplace was the employee’s lack of knowledge on the use and application of these new computers and programs that they were required to use.

However if you want to remain competitive in the workplace and develop an office based career then you will need to keep up to date not only with the use of programs required for you to efficiently complete your work at a high quality with full application of the programs potential but also the related software and computing technology that can also aid but if not aid then compliment the various programs you already use. This is called “computer literacy” and it is something that most office workplaces (and even some more manual occupations) require in order for you to be compatible with the way the company does business, lacking these skills will hold you back in the workplace and it’s essential that you get to know a few of the more important programs, which we will go through with you in this article.

Microsoft Word

Now we will start off at the cornerstone and something that we are fairly certain that you have all used at some point previously and that is the word processing program known as “Microsoft Word”. Using Microsoft word you can transcribe documents either from paper copies or from your own memory and produce high quality written work of any description. This could be some kind of report, sales proposal or a letter. The way it is used is really down to what it is you need to do with it. Given its objective usefulness many companies from various industries have trusted the Microsoft brand with their word processing and document generation needs since their transition to computation based work.

With Microsoft word you can produce and design any kind of document and not only tailor the content easily and conveniently but also change the style and layout options to suit your company’s previous work or needs with ease. Microsoft word is credited for its user friendly interfaces and easy to understand processes that are easy to follow in order to complete high quality documents as quickly as they can be typed in essence. Another advantage of MS Word is that being so ubiquitous and widely found piece of software there is plenty of information available to help guide you through while you learn everything about how to use this program, from basic functions all the way to the more advanced uses of the program.


Another piece of software coming from the Microsoft family, Excel is a data entry program that allows you to generate spreadsheets and data graphs as well as make the spreadsheets that you produce automated to perform different mathematical processes in order to create an auto calculating document. The different uses and applications of these automatically calculating spreadsheets are varied from marketing companies using them for ROI calculators for determining the effectiveness of their service vs. cost, to accountants and bookkeepers using them to automatically calculate different numerical values for different purposes as they are input into the program such as total profit, expenditure or outgoing payments all of which can be automatically calculated and a total produced with absolutely no effort on their part.

The way this is done is by programming individual cells of the spreadsheet to apply different formulas and you can even program the cells to interact differently with other pieces of data on the sheet. Excel is an essential skill for those looking to thrive in an office particularly if you job involves generating sales materials or giving presentations either internally or to prospective clients. Start searching more information for Excel training and workshops and level up your skill today!.

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