Why Office Design Matters?


One of the most common mistake that affects the workers’ performance and isn’t well understood is the physical workspace that the employees spend their time in. Although this topic is widely discussed but not much people truly understand and know about it. Furthermore, most decisions about the knowledge of the work environment are made without seriously considering the impact on workers’ performance.


Most of us spend a huge amount of time of our waking hours in the office or workplace. More than often, this happens in small cubicles without much exposure to natural sunlight. This means that the way the office looks matters a lot, not only for the productivity of the workforce but also the health of the employees.

Speaking about the office design and allowing natural light to shine into the office, it is important to engage in high quality glass tinting especially solargraph glass tinting. Why, you ask. Solar window tinting can reflect the heat and thus saving by up to 80% of air conditioning costs. Another benefits of Solar window tinting are to conserve the heat inside your house in the colder months and therefore saving even more cost.

meeting room in the office

Researchers found that office environments can increase creativity and focus attention. Colors can also make a difference.

Another research also show that people who work in high ceilinged rooms were better at finding connection between unrelated subjects. Talking about specifics and details.

Many feel that an office design will only need to be nice, stylish and as long as it is able to ensure smooth operation but ignored the fact that some office design allows the employees to perform better than others. It is important to research on these cases where certain colors, certain design and certain way the office is laid out can improve work performance.

Office design is not only about the furniture and the way you pick the color theme of the whole office but also to ensure that the confidentiality of the office is being kept. This can be done by doing window frosting for certain part of the office that can easily be viewed by the public. Privacy is important for many businesses so that business secrets and confidential documents don’t get leaked to the public. Leaking these information will not only negatively reflect the businesses but also cause a great impact on the business flow and operations.

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This article is created mainly for the sole purpose of understanding how office design can affect one’s performance and to create awareness that things such as the color selection and the height of the office ceiling plays a part in determining the workers’ performance. Don’t you feel that it is much more efficient to create a workplace that optimizes work performance from the start of designing the office than trying to renovate the office at a later date? Don’t you feel that spending that little more time in optimizing the office compared to spending more resources in sending people to training and development seminars is much more efficient?

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