Living in Sydney as an Expat


Every year tons of foreigners are moving to Sydney as an expatriate. Expats moving to Sydney will be welcomed to a world-class city where it is home to beautiful scenery and a cosmopolitan spirit to afford residents a high quality of life.

Sydney is not just a city relying on its beautiful natural scenery but it is also a huge financial hub, home to one third of Australia’s financial sector workforce. Most of the financial services and major financial establishments can be found in Sydney. Based in Sydney is some other big businesses in retail, property and information technology. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that expats are relocating to Sydney for business and work purposes.


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1.   Cost of Living in Sydney

The cost of living in Sydney is considered to be high and living expenses, entertainment expenses and transport expenses are considered to be higher than other parts of Australia. However, it is arguably one of the cities of Australia that offers a better quality of life.


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2.   Benefits of Living in Sydney

So what are some benefits of living in Sydney? It has a great outdoor living culture, got a great sunny weather and has a laid back approach in lifestyle. Some other benefits include a high standard of living in a safe environment and a city that possesses the excitement of the world’s best capitals while holding onto its own unique specialty.

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3.   Cultural Shock

On the other hand, adapting to the culture of Sydney may be easier for some than others. Some expats reported that Sydney is a great place with great culture and it is easier to adapt to its culture but others may say that it is a place with a unique culture that may take some time to get used to. However, it is important to read up on the place you’re moving to in order to prepare yourself to possible cultural shock.

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4.   Finding a Place to Stay in Sydney

The next question on your mind is that, how do I look for apartments to rent or even to buy as an expat? Do not fret, there is a lot of property development companies out there that can assist you in getting you your dream apartment in Sydney. Just start searching for a reputable and reliable company and everything will be as easy as it should.

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5.   Where to go in Sydney

There are all kinds of options for places to go and enjoy in Sydney. Ranging from the beautiful Australian landscape to exciting nightlife in the urban city environment. One can also enjoy themselves at the beach and “Manly Beach” is one of the most popular beaches in Australia possessing one of the most spectacular beaches for surfing.


Now that you know more about Sydney, are you still looking to live there? Definitely! It is a great place to live, work and play in!


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