How to Care for Your Flight Case Properly  

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If you have found this article then you almost certainly know what a flight case is.  But, just in case you’re simply passing through let’s be clear: a flight case is also commonly referred to as a Road Case, is a strong and highly durable shipping container, that is often designed to transport specific equipment or specialised items.  There are many off the shelf solutions available but you can also commission custom flight cases to be made from numerous manufacturers across the world.  In fact this is a standard service most of them offer.  Of course, buying anything custom made to fit your needs is never as cheap as an off the shelf solution, but there are many times that custom equipment or items need transporting and a custom flight case is the best way to do so safely.

travelThey’re Tough, but They Still Need a Good Clean Now & Again 

So, if you have decided to invest in a flight case, especially a custom one designed just for you, then caring for your case will be an important consideration.  Even if they are designed to be pretty hardy, the cosmetic appearance of any luggage can seriously deteriorate over time and flight cases are no exception.  The cases are often made of polypropylene plastic s and as such will scuff and scratch as they’re bumped around protecting their precious contents.  The first thing to try with plastic cleaning is always to use warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth to thoroughly scrub the surface and remove any loose dirt that has accumulated there.  This alone will often show a remarkable improvement as dirt has a way of just getting ground into the plastic.  Once this has been done you should be left with the more stubborn marks and actual cosmetic damage such as scratches.

The next tool you use should be a 90%+ alcohol and a non-abrasive cloth; this should make short work of the tougher marks.  Now that almost all dirt and scuff marks have been removed you can use a plastic cleaner product (basically what is used to clean cars a lot of the time) to give the plastic a thorough polish.  This will remove light scratches as well as ‘moisturising’ the plastic and removing any dry marks the alcohol may have caused.  The plastic polish will also leave the case with a wonderful shine, just like it had when it was new!

suitcaseIf you have old stickers on your case that you no longer want, these need to be removed before cleaning.  If you want to retain them, then you are going to have to very carefully clean around them.  To remove stickers easily, the best tool is a hairdryer or a heat gun on a low setting.  Gently heat the sticker all over and then gradually lift it from one side.  Don’t rush it, let the heat do its work and keep the heat source moving for an even distribution.  After a little bit of time the sticker will basically come straight off and any residue can be cleaned up with 90%+ alcohol.

These simple steps should leave your flight case looking almost new!

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