Hosting an Event? Have You Thought About Riggers?

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Putting on an event is a complicated beast which has thousands of tiny little details that must be considered. Everything from what font to use on the invites, and how you’re going to set the stage. But that’s just it! Have you given much thought to riggers? Are you going to hire professional help to help construct the set? We would advise you did so, as there is so much more that goes into it than you might think.

Health & Safety above all-else

One of the major benefits of hiring stage rigg  ers is the fact that they will have significant experience in constructing sets safely and responsibly. Understand that there are an awful lot of moving parts that must be attached properly, including lighting and other expensive / dangerous equipment which can be fatal if they were to come loose and fall during your event.

When hiring professional riggers, you can relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of allowing you to focus on the million other things that you have to get out of the way.

audioAll of the equipment required

Another benefit to hiring riggers through an event staffing agency like First Class Crew, is the fact that they can provide all of the equipment. So, you won’t have to worry about hiring elsewhere, instead you can hire your riggers and they can bring their own equipment to set the stage. Additionally, with the right events staffing agency, you can even hire an AV crew as well. This is always better as they will have likely worked together with the riggers on previous events, so the added synergy between teams will go a long way towards pulling your event off without a hitch.

Fully licenced and insured

Of course, this ties in rather nicely with the healthy & safety aspect as mentioned above; hiring professional riggers through an established agency means that you won’t need to worry about insurance, licensing & liability. Everything will be in hand! And of course, if in the extremely unlikely event that something might go wrong or get damaged, you will not be responsible.

event conferenceProfessional & well-presented

Going back to having so much to think about: worrying about the professionalism of your riggers is one thing you could do without. Again, if you hire through a reputable agency then you can trust that they will come in and do their duty without causing any issues or slowing the process down. They will be communicative, cooperative and a general pleasure to have around. That is the key to throwing a successful event! Synergy and team work.

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