How to help prevent insect infestations in your home


Your home should in reality be a place where you can retreat from the world to an environment that is safe, clean and comfortable and gives you a chance to unwind after a busy day of work. And the vast majority of people will take some measures to ensure that their homes are just that, nicely decorated and well maintained. However, one thing that will definitely remove those rose tinted lenses and make you view your home completely differently is an infestation of insects. After all, what can possibly make your skin crawl more than the thought of a hive of cockroaches or termites lingering in your home and turning it to their home?

Unfortunately it does get worse. These insects are not only pretty disgusting and spine chilling to even think about, but they actually carry a number of diseases, parasites and some, like termites and woodworm, can actually affect the structural integrity of the property, hurting you in your pocket. These considerations should be particularly important of you live with young family or elderly relative’s as the diseases transmitted by these animals are likely to affect those with weaker immune systems. So let’s take a look at a few ways you can help prevent their spread and growth in your home.


Food and Water sources


You may be offended enough that you are housing some disgusting looking and infectious tenants completely rent free, but to add insult to injury they actually go around your home feeding on food scraps and drinking pooled water, all for free. Now while that might be a slight exaggeration, if you are the type of household that inadvertently leaves scraps of food exposed or doesn’t mop up small spills this can be a contributing factor to the size, severity and indeed the reason why they are choosing to enter your home. Like any animal there has to be a reason that they want to live with you so badly and it’s unlikely to be because of your stellar personality, but rather them following their basic instincts to survive which is not really their fault to be fair.

However a great start to ensuring that you home stays pest free and as habitable as possible is too keep as diligent as you can with your homes cleaning schedule, leave no food outside of the refrigerator or other sealed containers such as fruit bowls and sandwich bag and to immediately clean up any spills and to not leave the sink filled with water when not actually cleaning anything. Doing this will give the colony far less resources to sustain themselves, meaning that the insect pests you do have will be smaller and less numerous at the least working all the way up to actually discouraging them from settling in your home in the first place.


Insect screens

Another great way to actually prevent any insects and other pests from entering your home is to actually physically seal all of the access points into your house with a barrier that is impervious to them. A cockroach or termite for example can squeeze through a gap less the 5mm wide dependent on the species and this means that regular doors and windows will be almost completely ineffective at stopping the oncoming tide of insects from sweeping into your home. That’s why for as long as mankind has been around we have been coming up with ways to keep the insects away from us and our living spaces, such as mosquito nets and net curtains.

In the modern world however there are countless ways to stop them from gaining a foothold in your home. And the most common one is to have screen doors and window covers installed onto any potential access way into your home. The screens are fine enough that they physically impede the insects causing them to have to find another entrance but they are wide enough and breathable enough to allow air and the breeze to come into your home should you desire, meaning that you don’t have to keep your windows shut and house all stuffy because its mosquito season. For a good idea of what to look for in this regard take a look at this company which specializes in providing fly and insect screens in Brisbane to their clients to help them overcome their insect related issues.

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