Getting from A to B with a Mini Excavator Trailer

mini excavator

Whether you work in plot clearance and removal, conservation, or any number of industrial applications; getting your mini excavator from one site to the next can be a tricky task without the correct equipment.

One thing is for certain: they’re not built for speed. So, it’s not as though you can drive your mini excavator from point A to point B without causing a traffic jam and taking several weeks to complete a 20-minute drive.

This is why we would wholeheartedly recommend investing in a mini excavator trailer. These trailers are lightweight and easy to use, allowing your to effortlessly load your mini excavator without much stress or concern. Following that, you simply attach it to your truck or towing vehicle, and voila: you’re on your way!

Mini Excavator TrailersBenefits of using one of these mini excavator trailers

So, what are the benefits? Well, for one thing, they come complete with aluminium loading ramps, which allow for effortless loading. Additionally, they’re incredibly light-weight, which means that the combined weight of the ramp and mini excavator isn’t going to be too much of an issue when it comes to towing.

When you get to where you need to be, you can simply reverse your mini excavator back down the ramp and then you’re good to go! You can then tuck the aluminium mini excavator trailer out of the way, whilst you get to work clearing a plot of land and digging up some refuse!

If you’re looking to simplify and streamline your operation, then we cannot stress how useful this piece of equipment can be for you. A purpose-built excavator trailer, as opposed to using other methods, such as loading yours up onto a flatbed.

Safety first

Aside from the evident benefits of using a purpose-built mini excavator trailer, the safety reasons are impossible to ignore. The main safety feature is how low to the ground these purpose-built trailers are. Loading an unloading is an awful lot safer, without running the risk of tipping the excavator over when driving up the ramp.

Using other methods, like loading onto a flatbed for example, is dangerous (unless you have extra long ramps so that you can reduce the gradient and thus, the risk of tipping over). By opting for a purpose-built trailer, you don’t have to worry!


If you’re interested in making your life a lot easier, and using a safer, purpose-built trailer, then here’s what you should do. Pull up a few websites from reputable companies, such as SureWeld and then short-list the favourites. Next, you should explore prices and products, and compare. Following that, go with your gut! Provided the reviews are great, the price is right, and the product looks great, then you shouldn’t waste any more time!

Once you’ve invested in a mini-excavator trailer, you’ll wonder how you managed to get yours from A to B beforehand. It’s easier, it’s safer and it’s the way forward! Good luck and be safe.

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