How to choose a good signwriter


There are many different reasons that a business could need a sign, perhaps you are hoping to attract more customers to your store or point them in your direction. Maybe you are looking for an attractive awning sign for above your store to let people know what you are called and what you do. Signs have been used for literally thousands of years to perform many different tasks. These at one stage were merely homemade wooden boards with text and maybe a basic image painted onto it by the owner. Of course, in today’s competitive and marketing and brand-based sales culture this is no longer sufficient and you will have to employ the services of a sign writer to complete the work at hand.

The process involved in creating the sign itself has also gotten more complicated and computer-based over the years and a good signwriter can help you with not only crafting the sign but also help you through the various stages of choosing a type of sign and designing what you want to be printed onto it. But there are more printers and sign writers offering this service every year and it can be a hard task to differentiate between all of them. So you really need to consider choosing the right sign company for your business. Hopefully in this article, we can walk you through a few of the more important things you should be assessing when it comes to the signwriter themselves to assess exactly how good they are.


At one stage in history, you would just have to trust in your tradesmen’s word that their reputation was good and that all of their past customers were not only pleased with the work but also came back and would recommend them to anyone who asked. And to have proved them wrong would have taken a lot of time and effort in order to verify their claims. However, luckily for the customer these days the internet offers all of the information on a tradesman’s past work, including normal opinions of both pleased and displeased customers are available to view. After all, if you were not happy with the sign that you paid $800 dollars for and you had the opportunity to voice your opinion and warn others then obviously you would do it, right?

So be sure that before you do any work that you do a Google search on the company you are planning on using and see what a few of the businesses they have worked with before are saying about them. Also, take the time to go and view some of their past work by visiting some of the businesses closest to you who indicated their happiness with their work. More often than not, a professional signwriter will be aware of how important their reputation locally is and they will over the years have tried their best to compile a list of the customers who were happiest with the work that they carried out for them and will be more than happy to give you these people’s contact details in order to verify both the veracity of their claims and the quality of their workmanship.


As we previously discussed, most sign writers worth their salt will be aware of how the industry has changed and how much competition for their customers there really is in a local area. Therefore they will be aware of not only how their reputation and quality of work is viewed by the rest of the local community but also how to effectively communicate it and convey both the high value that their signs offer businesses but also of just how trustworthy and well-reviewed they are. One of the ways that they often do this is to have a book of example photographs of their previous work that is then either captioned or otherwise accompanied by a short statement from the recipients of the work about their sign and their experience of the company.

A signwriter worth trusting should have absolutely no problems producing this and walking you through the pictures, which should be of high quality and display even the fine details of the design to further provide reassurance that they aren’t hiding anything unwanted with photographic trickery. If they are hesitant to show you this or the photographs are not of high enough quality to view all of the details then you may want to look elsewhere.

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