How to capitalize on your next trade show appearance


Trade shows are a true asset to any company, whatever your industry and however your individual business works on an event that is being attended by both your potential customers and other professionals in your industry.  Basically what we are trying to say is that there is a real opportunity to not only engage with existing and potential customers, showcasing your products and services in a productive environment, but also to network with the companies and influencers in your industry.

However if you think that all that is involved in attending a trade show or expo is turning up with a few display models and a dusty billboard then you need a reality check. If you really want to make the most of this chance to promote your services to the customers who would be most interested and also increase your presence and awareness amongst fellow industry professionals you have come up with a decent plan of attack for the day itself.  So let’s take a look at a few promotional tips from the experts.


Most of these kinds of open trade expos and shows will have an allotted time on the days itinerary  for various representatives of different companies and some outside guest speakers  to give a short talk or presentation about any topic they want (within reason) so if you feel like you can handle the pressure of speaking publicly in front of (hopefully) a few hundred people ad you actually have something valuable to impart to the crowd then you should definitely try to score a slot on the stage.

However, when you’re choosing the exact message you want to impart it requires a fair amount of preparation that needs to go into getting the spot and planning what you want to say, it can be an invaluable strategy to promote who you are and what you do and to also drive people to give your companies stall a visit. The fact that you are the one up on stage giving a talk about the nuances of your industry will no doubt add an extra level of credibility and authority to yourself and the company you represent.

Promo Staff

The next task is to make sure that you are casting as wide of a net as possible in order to draw as much of the foot traffic and attention to your particular area of the expo in order to increase the interest coming from the various attendee’s. While your own staff will be vital in sustaining more complicated and technical conversations about your industry with those who are really interested in what you do, you need to have some people whose sole job is to walk around interacting with passersby and generally giving your company a warm and approachable image.

It can be more that worthwhile to consider hiring out some professional and experienced promotional staff in order to ensure that this kind of interaction is flowing smoothly, this makes remembering your brand a lot easier if they can remember the delightful conversation they had with one of your “staff members.

The design and layout of your stall

When you are planning what to you want to do in terms of how you want to present your companies stall you need to keep in mind that the main focus of the stall is to catch attention. There’s no point in bogging down your stall with heavy information booklets and brochures if your stall itself has no draw to it. So as well as the other things mentioned try to make the stall itself as attractive, eye catching and as professionally arranged and placed.

Another way to draw in the crowds is to have practical demonstrations of your products or services that the customer can visually absorb from a distance. In addition to that you will also not only be increasing the trust that onlookers have in the professionalism of your company but also in the products that you are selling, these two things are probably the most important when it comes to converting interest into business. This is because it gives a chance to see firsthand, who you are, what you do and how your company as a business entity operates, so you will want to ensure that only the most charismatic and knowledgeable staff are giving the demonstrations of products to really ensure that you are hammering home the message you want to put across.

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