Camping: The Perfect Affordable Alternative to Going Abroad


Life is expensive and sometimes it’s not always viable to spend thousands of dollars on going abroad to some gorgeous and sunny destination. But don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank and borrow money just to have a good holiday. In fact, there are cheaper alternatives which can often be much more fun! Take camping as an example: it’s the perfect opportunity to get your loved ones together, have an amazing time, and save yourself an awful lot of money.

So, get off Skyscanner and start looking out the window: your perfect holiday is waiting for you in your own back garden. Of course, camping in the garden isn’t quite as fun. However, in your home country, there are bound to be plenty of gorgeous campsites for you to enjoy!

Have you considered buying a caravan?

I know that we’re on the subject of saving money, however buying a caravan is a great way of enjoying a cheap holiday, whilst making a return on your investment the rest of the year. You can easily hire your caravan out to other holiday makers while you’re working, and then whenever you fancy a little break, you can bugger off to the caravan as and when you like. It’s easy!

And, there are plenty of ways to kit your caravan out as well. For example, you can buy recycled mats for your caravan. This is a great opportunity to create a little outdoors area, with seats and a table, and an awning to keep you shaded from the sun or out of the rain. That, and they’re recycled, so you’re doing the green thing as well! A much better alternative than spending thousands on flights!

It’s good for your health

Another great aspect to camping, besides saving yourself a lot of money, is the fact that it’s great for your health! In fact, camping, is incredibly good at reducing stress and curing depression. So, if you’ve been having a particularly tough time at work and you’re feeling the pressures of everyday life getting on top of you, then get out into the great outdoors. Reconnect with nature, enjoy the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air and relax!

But of course, it’s not just about relaxation! Camping allows you to get plenty of physical exercise which is great for you too. Get the blood pumping around your body as you enjoy a nice refreshing swim in the rivers and lakes. Sit around the campfire and sing after a long day of hiking and collecting wood. There are simply so many different things for you to see and do! You’ll never be bored, and you’ll feel amazing for it too.

Eat hearty

The best thing about camping? The food! Whilst most caravans come with an oven and hobb, you can still build a lovely little fire and have a feast that way. Campfire food is some of the most delicious that you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. That, and there are so many exciting camping recipes for you and the family to try!

Sleep under the stars

How often do you get the chance to sleep under the stars? Not often I’d wager! However, when camping you have the perfect opportunity to do so. Buy yourself some Affordable Camping Mats and you’ll have absolutely everything that you need to enjoy a cosmic display of awesomeness!




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