How to Become a Certified Life Coach


A career in life coaching is fulfilling and rewarding, and this industry is rising fast along with our constantly developing technology. However, this profession is self-regulated, there is no any licensing or organization that overlooks it. Anyone who watched a YouTube tutorial video or TV program or have a passion in coaching people, can claim that they are a life coach. That leads to a variety of quality in the level of life coach in the market these day. A client wants to work with a certified life coach with professional knowledge and skill sets that could help and benefit people. If you want to be a life coach, do it legitimately and properly. Here I have a guide how to become a certified life coach.

1.    Why Do You Want to Become a Life Coach

First thing you need to find out why. Do you have the passion in helping and leading people to the brighter side of life? Do you want to be a life coach for the money? After you determine your why, you need to get yourself educated with the definition of life coaching. A life coach is someone who works with clients to improve their life quality or business.


Choose Your Field2.    Choose Your Field

Secondly you should decide what kind of life coach you want to be. Life coach includes being a business coach, relationship coach and a health and wellness coach. Combine your interest, experience and education for the decision of the kind of coach you want to be.

Get Certified

A life coach should have a life coach certification through a proper training program before going out there and to work with clients. There are many kinds of life coaching training programs out there, prices and quality vary from school to school. International Coach Federation (ICF) is one of the most well-known coaching organizations, so look for schools that offer coach accreditation through ICF and that will ensure that the price you pay will be well-spent.


4.    Setting up Your Business

Most importantly, you will need an online presence. An online presence will ensure your service and skills to be shown to the world and potential clients 24/7. Set up a website, and social media accounts links to it. Create useful content like blog posts or videos, and use social media to connect with potential clients and like-minded people and other coaches. Determine how you will coach, in person, phone or Skype.


Start Referring to Yourself as a Life Coach

Start Referring to Yourself as a Life CoachOnce you have done all the above, you should start referring to yourself as a life coach. This will help you get used to being a life coach in early stage and build your confidence. When people ask about your profession, you should say “I am a professional life coach” instead of saying “I am unemployed” or “I am starting a life coach business.”


Get Yourself a Coach

Not saying that you should get another relationship coach if you are a relationship coach, but of course if you have a coach that you admire and want to learn from, you can. You should get a business coach or a coach mentor to help with your life coaching business.


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