5 Things to Do when a Disaster Strikes Your Business


Thousands of businesses are affected by natural disaster or unexpected hazards every year due to a wide range of causes. It could be unexpected commercial fires due to unsafe wiring, a severe storm, earthquake or even political terrorist destructive activities. All of these can end up causing you loss of a fortune. Not only physical equipment could be damaged, but also company confidential information might get lost, which is a completely tragedy for any business.

40% of business fail to reopen or recover after a disaster and another 25% fail to continue operating within a year according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The best strategy to survive after a disaster strikes is to stay alarmed and well-prepared for both avoidance of a disaster and steps to take after a disaster.

Get yourself aware of the things listed below that you must do if a disaster strikes your corporate.


  • Make Sure All Employees Are Safe

Make Sure All Employees Are SafeThe very first thing is to make sure everyone in or around your facility is not injured. Injury to any valuable employee is the last thing you want.

Have a headcount onsite and document any missing persons and injuries.


  • Decide If a Temporary Office is Necessary

After the even happens, keeping the operation going will help you minimize the loss by generating income. In that case, if your office is completely compromised, you might want to consider if you need a temporary location, or your employees will be able to work from home.


  • Check If You Still Have Your Backed-Up Data

Backup DataAlways have the most critical data securely backed-up, such as your business license, major contracts and legal documents, tax returns and financial statements, and other important business and customer documents in case of an emergency, and make sure it is easily accessible for needs after the event.


  • Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

This is the most effective step for you to take in order to have a speedy recovery. Even though in fact, there are still many business fail to reopen after a tragic event with the help of an insurance company, it helps you get back into re-operation and service by providing the funding that you need for damages.

Anyway, make a commercial claim right away and get your claim paid properly.


  • Consider Loans for Equipment

LoansYou can consider a loan for damaged equipment—desks, computers or machineries that the insurance company doesn’t cover.

Pick a finance company that specializes in providing a comprehensive range of options for commercial loans and finance deals.

Having an immediate cash infusion at hand helps you get going again, on the other hand, getting a loan after a disaster takes place could be a risky investment that could lead to default. So please take your time to determine and make the best judgment and decision for your business.



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