4 Ways To Make Your Sydney Event A Success

Darling Harbour Event Success

Hello and welcome to Parallel Earth blog, this week we will be looking at simple things you can do to make your team building activity or Sydney event a success, whilst we take care of the major preparations. Throughout this post I will look into 4 areas which will help your event go off without a hitch.

1. Clear Objectives

Define what the objective of the event is. If you are looking to raise awareness of a product, generate more new memberships or hosting your annual party you need to outline what the purpose is to define what counts as a successful function at the end. Additional points that need to be outlined would be the theme, quantity of guests and location. Location is key as there are many beautiful venues in Sydney from the Circular Quay or Darling Harbour or one of the many hotels in Sydney, small or large or even to your own backyard. So once you have these established you now have the basis to proceed with the planning phase.

Darling Harbour - Sydney Event A Success

2. Timing

This part relates to a couple of areas:

  1. Make sure you have enough time to prepare for the event, as it can be quite time consuming
  2. Time of year can hold major significance and also help an event prosper.
  3. Scheduling is very important as you want to make it convenient for your guests.

3. Promotion

Arguably this is the key to hosting any function or event that serves the purpose of launching a new product or generating sponsorship or gaining new members, is promotion. Now this can be handled by a company such as ourselves as we have great resources and avenues that you can exploit, but there are a few simple things you can do. Generate exposure online through social media and give constant reminders on Twitter and updating your status on Facebook. Mass email marketing to your current client base and potential customers is always a great way of contacting a large number of potential guests.

4. Fun

As mentioned before there are several ways to determine whether an event has been a success or not, but one thing that will remain in the minds of all attendees is whether they had a good time and enjoyed it. Adding an element of fun will always give you the best avenue to convert guest into clients or raise office morale. One way to create a fun event is to use the services of the best jumping castle hire Sydney has to offer, great for kids and adults and most definitely creates a fun filled day or event. More suited to corporate fun days, fundraisers or kids birthday parties but a very useful tool.


We hope this has been helpful and has given you some insight in how to plan a function or event, but for more information on how to help your business flourish with such events follow this link as it goes into slightly more detail and offer avenues to look into.

Party Catering For Sydney Events

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