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What are the benefits of metal fascia for my home? 


The thought of replacing the entire fascia of your home might seem a daunting one.  It is a big job that requires a lot of work and some specialist climbing equipment such as scaffolding to do safely.  Whilst not impossible, it is probably fair to say that this is not really a DIY job that most people would want to consider.  So why not let the experts give you some advice?  Companies such as Absolute Gutters will be able to size up the job for you in minutes and present you with your options and you can trust that if several companies tell you the same basic thing, it’s going to be the truth.  One of the options you will most likely encounter is to replace your wooden or plastic facia with a metal one.  It would be quite right to wonder what the benefits of doing this would be as it can cost more than the other products, but there are some very good reasons why more and more people are opting for a product similar to Colourbond fascia replacement solutions.

Metal fascia requires less maintenance

The metal alloy that these fascia’s are constructed from (they are usually aluminium based) is highly weather resistant.  They will not rust of rot over time and unlike wooden fascia’s they will not require repainting every year or two to maintain their best appearance.  As well as not tarnishing, they also will not fade due to UV exposure from being in constant direct sunlight, meaning that you have one less maintenance task to worry about.

 rain gutterMetal fascia provides a stronger defence against animals

Wildlife loves to invade our homes, and whilst you might not be able to blame them for wanting a warm and dry place to live, having bats or squirrels in your attic can cause some serious problems.  Squirrels are destructive and will chew almost anything they can reach, including support beams and electrical cables, whereas bats bring a totally different problem.  Bat droppings can ruin your attic insulation and the ceiling beneath it, and both of these and other pest can be quite expensive to have removed.  Metal fascia is much harder for the animals to penetrate and should help protect your home from these furry trespassers.

Metal fascia is more durable

Keeping a consistent air flow in your attic space is vital to maintaining the dryness of the environment within and preventing the build-up of moisture, damp and ultimately mould.  The more durable nature of the metal fascia means that the vents installed in it are far more reliable and will not warp the way wooden ones can.  Their durability also extends to being fire safe as they will not burn, so it might even help you stay ahead of any evolving fire regulations as it is deemed considerably safer.

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