The Two Most Common Reasons People Might Need Dentures 


No one likes to be told that there’s something wrong with them, but in some circumstances it is a natural part of life or aging and we need to have ways of handling it.  Deteriorating eyesight, increased difficulty in hearing, loss of hair, all of these are unfortunate signs of our bodies not cooperating quite as well as they once might have. Fortunately modern medicine and science have found methods of tackling all of these issues in almost every circumstance and your teeth are no different.

Some people will have their baby teeth all their lives, others will never need a filling or not have a complete set of wisdom teeth.  As scary as it is to some, modern dentistry is full of technical marvels that can handle any patients needs, and one of those needs that is more common than you might believe, is having dentures.

This is an issue that millions of people across the world have, and the reason that it is not thought of as commonplace is that the dentures they wear are of incredibly high quality.  Expert dentists can manufacture dentures to fit seamlessly into your mouth and provide a comfortable and perfect fit with your natural teeth.  As such it is important to get your dentures made by experts, such as Martin Dentist Dentures, to ensure that they fit you properly and keep you healthy.

There are many reasons that people might need dentures, but the biggest factor in their success, aside from manufacture, is ensuring that the need for them is addressed when it arises and not ignored, thus allowing damage to increase.  Below are the two most common reasons that lead to a patient requiring dentures, and if you suspect you have either then it should not be ignored; book in to see your dentist today.

Gum disease

If your gums hurt or regularly bleed when you brush your teeth then you might have the beginnings of gum disease.  If it is left untreated then gum disease can quickly escalate into tooth instability, where teeth begin moving inside the gum when you chew, and eventually tooth loss.  A lot of the time, gum disease is treatable, especially if it is caught early, but leaving it untreated will most likely result in the need for dentures.

Gum disease

Tooth damage

Tooth pain when you chew or talk could well be a sign that you have sustained tooth damage at some point.  This could be from damage caused by biting something hard or simply natural degradation in a tooth from a cavity of an old filling.  Having cracks in teeth, regardless of their cause, will lead to pain in the tooth and gum as the nerve of the tooth is exposed.  Sometimes this can be treated with fillings, caps, coatings and other techniques, but depending on the type and severity of the damage it is sometimes unavoidable to have to remove damaged teeth.  In this case replacing the teeth with dentures is the most sensible course of action.

Tooth damage

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